Overwatch Open Beta: My Favourite Characters

I fully intended to have one character that I mained, but I quickly discovered Overwatch is not that kind of game. It is better to be able to play a wide variety of characters if you want to play the objective. Unlike TF2 where you could waste time fighting in open spaces, the maps in Overwatch are geared towards the objectives. Space between them serve only as transition areas with hold points rather than space for free combat. As someone who enjoys playing to the objective, the map layouts and the short rounds make for fun gaming, even when my team is losing.


Symmetra is a Support character, and is moderately difficult to play.


She has two stars and six laser sentry turrets which makes her alright in my book.


Although it’s annoying that you can only ‘hold’ three sentry turrets ready to be placed, getting creative with their placement is a source of endless amusement to me.

There’s nothing more fun than leading an enemy around a corner to be instantly obliterated by well placed sentry turrets. Muhahaha!


Mei is a Defence character, and is billed by Blizzard to be one of the harder characters to play.


See the three stars, bloody hell. She’s cute and deadly. When I first heard about Overwatch Mei wasn’t part of the team and by the time she had been announced all my hype was gone. So when I saw her from the roster I dismissed her. That is, until I played a game against a really annoying Mei! She’s really great at controlling areas, healing herself and generally causing all sorts of annoyance to the other team.


Although she’s a defence character, great at slowing down the attacking team’s initial push and blocking their attack on the point, I actually enjoyed playing her during attack the most. Her Cryo-Freeze ability gives her the ability to self heal and is actually pretty useful in disputing control of a point, when four enemy players are on you to give your team time to get to the point.

Go Mei!


Junkrat is a defence character that is moderately difficult to play.

Overwatch - Junkrat Skills

Fire in the hole! Can you tell I’ve been starved of AOE damage characters to play? I think it’s kind of a video game rule that anyone who enjoys explosives this much is a little bit unstable. Despite his two stars, I found Junkrat pretty easy to play, his frag launcher is point and click but the fun is his concussion mine.

Timed well and you can use it to jump around the map. Pair it with a steel trap and you’ve got yourself a world of pain for the other team. What I find most challenging about him is his rip tire ultimate. You really need to coordinate with your team on this one or you’ll find yourself consistently killed or the ultimate wasted.


Not that that happened to me at all the first twenty times I tried to use his tire. Nope, not at all.

There are still so many other characters that I have yet to play, and many that I want to get better at.


While I have less than  negative quintillion interest in playing any of the sniper or turret classes on a regular basis, I’d like to play more of the speedy characters like Lucio and Tracer!


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