The Day I Uninstalled TF2

It happened, I uninstalled TF2 and I feel pretty ambivalent about it.
For six years Team Fortress 2 has been a huge part of my life, a huge part of my life. And it’s all because I (deep breath) went to Hull University for the exchange program, was placed in Lambert, became friends with Maria who introduced me to cheerleading, dated Ben who introduced me to Valve games, picked South Korea, dated Ian who introduced me to GameFAQs, went back to England, rejoined cheer, had a terrible flyer Amy (?) who didn’t know how to do a simple extension,, fell on my head, was gifted TF2 to distract me in recovery.

Since that day, I threw myself into the Team Fortress 2 community, running a community of my own, a tournament, a UGC team and even becoming a UGC admin. I met so many amazing people online and offline.. and I mean, so much has happened that it felt weird to not have the game in my life. When others moved on to Dota2, LoL or just other things, I still booted the game up every once in a while to derp around alone. Then it became, only payload maps, then it became only pl_borneo and cp_standin till I realised I was playing to switch my mind off, not because I was having any fun.

After playing Overwatch and Dirty Bomb, I realised that TF2 really no longer did it for me, I needed more from my staple game, gaming should be fun, and that excitement was no longer there anymore. So I uninstalled it.
I might reinstall it at some point, but right now, I just don’t see the point.


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