Overwatch Open Beta: Day 1, The Hype is Real

I’ve made it no secret that the most fun part about gaming for me is the community. Obviously great gameplay, level design and story are important, but what elevates a game from being merely pretty and alright to, amazing and ‘oh-god-what-do-you-mean-it’s-almost-1am?!-guys-I-need-to-go-to-bed’ for me is how much fun my friends and I can have together.

Ever since my TF2 community died (R.I.P JollyRanchers + Distinguished Ducks, I’ll never forget you) I’d kind of resigned myself to not playing in a community like that again. Through other real world obligations, we’d come together and play games, we’d hang out online just talking and meetup offline to do crazy dancing (also beer). I’ve made so many real and long lasting friendships through gaming communities, and I thought it was over forever. Some games have shown promise in bringing the old gang back like Rainbow Six Siege and Dirty Bomb (an amazing game) coming the closest, but none have really captured the same level of weird, derpy FPS madness we all loved in TF2.

Which is why I was so excited about Overwatch, it looked like the perfect successor.


I mean look at it. What the hell is going on in this picture? Why is it so bright, why are there so many colours, is that a turret man with a bird? Is that spiderwoman? Why is a norse god standing next to the grim reaper? Someone please explain why there is a gorrilla in a mecha suit?! What’s going on with robo dhalsim’s necklace?

It’s bonkers, and it looks like there would be a lot going on and a lot of fun happening. After almost infinity years waiting to try gameplay, it was exactly as I hoped it would be. In fact, it was even better.


Over the course of the night, I found myself in two separate voice chats playing with old friends and new, learning all about these new characters and being excited together. We played well, we played badly, but I got that same sense of community and adventure that I’d missed after my old clan kind of faded out.


I’ve played some random mode (where you get assigned a hero), but I think for now I’d really just like to spend the beta getting to know Symmetra more. I play a lot of gunslinger (mini sentry) engineer in TF2, just generally ruining everyone’s day with my little pew pew drago. Symmetra has SIX, SIX(!!) laser sentries that she can place pretty much anywhere to wreck everyone’s day. Her ultimate is a teleporter which useful is pretty meh when you compare it to Pharah raining justice from above, but I guess as a support class a teleporter is most useful. I do wish her buff did a bit more, but I think that’s just me missing WoW buffs!

So far so good really! It’s rare that I pre-order a game, but if I keep having fun during this open beta I’m pretty sure that I will.


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