E3 Hype | Ubisoft Drama

Oh dear me, it’s not been a good week for Ubisoft has it?  First when asked about why they were lacking a female playable character in their upcoming game Assassin’s Creed Unity, their creative director replied with what can be summarised to, “it was too much work“, now it seems that they’ve created a handicap in the retail version of WatchDogs on PC. Oh dear indeed.

To fully understand what the balls is going on, let’s look back to E3 2012, when Ubisoft showed the most amazing footage of what I imagined Assassin’s Creed would look like if it happened in the future. Ubisoft introduced us to WatchDogs and it was beautiful.

The main game footage trailer starts from around 4:40 and really was pretty stunning. I didn’t have a computer that could handle the game, so I already knew I wasn’t going to get it at launch, plus my backlog, oh yeah and school. From what I heard about the game on launch, I saw that people were pretty bummed because it didn’t look as beautiful as it did when Ubisoft first showed it, but I put that down to the hype machine running on high.

But now The Worse a modder has found the E3 2012 files and is offering a patch to enable them and some users are claiming that the game actually seems to run better as well as looking phenomenal. As I don’t have the game I can’t take any before and after shots of this, but there are a lot of before and after footage on the r/games  and r/gaming threads. I’m not endorsing this mod in anyway, no-one knows the legality of it right now, so install at your own risk.

So why have Ubisoft done this? The main theory is that they’ve done this to maintain parity between the consoles and PC versions, I’m sure they’ll have an official press release soon. And I’m sure it’ll be just as good as, their reasoning for not having a female playable character in Unity.


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