May: The Month of no TF2

Well, the month of no PC games if I’m being honest. But we’re calling it the month of no TF2 because TF2 is the biggest offender.

It has come to my attention that I’m addicted to Team Fortress 2. I love playing the game in all forms, it’s a great stress reliever,  and a seemingly bottomless time sink. The reason I got into the game in the first place was how utterly engrossing and fulfilling it could be, yet I could walk away from a public match in heartbeat and not suffer any consequences.

Now, years after first booting up the game, I find myself stuck in this horrible little cycle, where it’s my go to for everything. I like many other gamers have tons of games in my library that go untouched because I have my one safe game I go to. TF2 is that safe game. Plus I have so much gorram work to be doing that spending five hours a night on something that has no purpose is not even remotely bueno.

So boyfriend and I have taken a vow to rid ourselves of TF2 for a whole month, and use that time to focus on important things like our final projects for school (eek!). I’ll be honest, two days into the official fast (though I started on Monday because I’m so hardcore) I’m feeling the itch. It hurts, I want to shoot robots, I want to build tiny metal gun, I want to heal fallen comrade, but ahhh I’m not going to do that.

Instead, what I’m going to be doing is showing some love to other forms of gaming as my relaxation. We played a series of Uno games that got pretty intense, and I’ve been trying out some fun mobile games and some trial versions of some Vita games (FEZ is legit).

So wish me luck!

I found this awesome SFM poster in this reddit thread.


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