Bioshock Infinite: Episode One. The return to Rapture.


Spoilers Ahead.

At the end of Bioshock Infinite, Booker tells us:

There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city. 


This two part story DLC promises to show us exactly what that means. The end of Infinite teased us with Elizabeth and Booker showing up in Rapture before and after it was ruined, now we get a full view of life before the fall. I’m pretty excited! From the tiny part of Bioshock 1 that I’ve played it would be nice to see what life was like before the decay, and I have to admit, Rapture really does look like a swell place to live in. But we know things are going to go wrong, and I wonder how Booker and Elizabeth play into that. Do other cast members show up? Are they part of the constant too? Do we see the Luteces?! How does the AD mark play?

From the trailer Elizabeth and Booker appear not to know each other, so this might not be the versions that we know and love, but as we have the opportunity to play as Elizabeth I think I could get over that and just immerse myself in this story. Or maybe it is just a ruse and they are the Elizabeth and Booker we know. Ahhhh, I just want it already!

Though, I still haven’t completed Bioshock 1 though it isn’t for lack of trying. Going from Columbia which was all light and open spaces to the darkness and shadows of Rapture was a really big jump. I get scared. I still hope to complete it before playing through the DLC, even if that means this has to wait for me to build my gaming PC.

Wish me luck!

What do you think of this coming DLC?


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