[PSA] Infestation: Survivor Stories is WarZ renamed. Do not buy.

Image from Rock Paper Shotgun.


WarZ, where to begin. DayZ is an amazing Arma II mod, in the form of a punishing zombie survival game. Unlike the Left4Dead or Dead Rising series, your goal is not to mow down hoards of zombies, your goal is to survive. Your supplies are limited and are found in dangerous city zones, other players can chose to align with you or mow you down, you have no way of knowing if they are friend or foe. Once you die, you die for real, no respawns. You don’t  come back with your stuff you respawn in a random location alone. Makes for scary stuff huh? What’s important is that DayZ is a mod, not a standalone game. Arma II got such a huge spike in sales that it became the top selling game on Steam, pretty much unheard of for an old game (kinda meh game) that wasn’t on promotion.

The team behind DayZ realised they were onto something big and started making plans to create a standalone version. Enter into the scene, WarZ. With all the hype, a similar sounding name and talk of a standalone, lots of people mistakenly thought it was affiliated with DayZ, if it was a good product I doubt most people would have minded, it’s just that well WarZ was pretty terrible.

Read this and this.

WarZ had to change their name to Infestation: Survivor Stories because of the recent Brad Pitt movie, but it’s still just as bad.  I know the game is cheap on sale right now. Don’t do it. Buy literally anything else. Magicka is fun, buy that instead.


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