Fangirling all over the place. Aisha Tyler loves hearts.


Aisha Tyler is doing an AMA right now on Reddit (click the picture to go there), and she’s answering a bunch of questions about her work and herself. I didn’t have a question, largely because I’m in such awe of her, so I just wrote this derpy little message.

She sent a heart back.

dungdkjalkhw3qln‘! I’m trying really hard not to be such a fangirl, but it’s so hard mang.

I feel so dumb, like I didn’t even talk about how much I love Archer, I just gushed about how great she is. And she is great, she’s out there being herself, unapologetically herself. She isn’t fitting into a ‘black woman’ role, she isn’t playing to any stereotype, and people are welcoming that. That’s mind blowing to me. I don’t really get to see many people who look like me being allowed the freedom to just be themselves especially in an industry (gaming) that isn’t always welcoming of ‘otherness’ or change. It is encouraging.

But oh my god you guys, the one thought that’s going to be on my mind when I watch Season 5 of Archer is, “Lana knows who I am, and she loves hearts.



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