Sharing Steam Games? Shut up, no way!

The internet is all abuzz with Valve news, and this time it is not about Half-Life 3! Well, okay, there are currently HL3 rumours going around (when aren’t there?), but I refuse to give them any more attention because till I see the game on a retail shelf, or for sale on Steam I will never believe anything.

I got a bit off track there didn’t I?

Right, sharing Steam games! With the Xbox One digital only debacle (that is apparently over now), defenders of Microsoft have been quick to point out that for PC, Valve have created a restrictive digital download system that doesn’t allow game trading. That is apparently set to change


Right now you cannot share games with friends on Steam but many gamers seem to be okay with this due to the platform’s many sales and frequent discounts. Others get around this by sharing accounts and playing in offline mode (though this is against the TOS, do not get caught). I’m not sure what to make of this rumour, or what these lines of text will ultimately mean for the consumer, but it is nice to see the Steam platform open up a little more. The Steam platform is no stranger to experimenting with game lending techniques like gift passes (even though I haven’t seen them for a while) and free weekends, but if they do move towards a true game lending system, I can only imagine how this will serve to increase their revenue. I can imagine a system where you lend a game to a friend and at the end friend receives a 10% coupon redeemable against the game.

Second-hand gaming is not the enemy if done right, and I don’t doubt that Valve will do it right.


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