Bonk’d! Season 2, Episode 2: Changes

I’m more of a behind the scenes person, no really I am. I can’t deny that I’m an extrovert, but the reality is I am a bit fragile when it comes to things like public speaking, I get shaky and I feel everyone’s eyes on my skin. I don’t love it. Plus, my voice is adorable. Why has no-one told  me how cute I sound!? Gah.

But yes, despite my initial fear this was a lot of fun and I for sure think that we derped around for an hour on Mumble calmed my nerves considerably. I didn’t feel like I had to ‘perform’, it just felt like I was hanging out with friends. Which was nice.

Disclaimer: If you don’t play competitive Team Fortress 2 then this is probably not going to interest you at all. But I am pretty derpy in  it :)


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