I miss you Restaurant City.

A lot of people hate EA with good reason. They even won worst company USA for the second year running!

The common complaints against EA include:

  • Micro-Transactions – This is where items in games like upgrades (that used to be earned achievements) can now be bought using real money to boost performance in the game. Gamers argue that this often leads to a divide in the game, players who are pay to win and players who are play to win.
  • Day One DLC -DLC stands for Downloadable content, and is traditionally used for items, areas, missions that the developers wanted to put in the game but didn’t have time for.  Maybe they’ll use the profits from the game to fund the DLC? Who knows, but they can ship the core game and then have some breathing room to work on added extras. DLC is considered added content which is why Day One DLC is very insulting because it’s already available, they’ve worked on it, they could add it into the game they just chose not to, because profits.


  • Unnecessary DRM – SimCity. If you’ve been following the gaming news I’ve already made your blood boil and I’m 90% sure you’ve stopped reading out of pure anger. SimCity is a game that a lot of the children in my generation have grown up with, it holds a place in our hearts the same way the Original Snake game and the Nokia 3310 does. We all remember the cheat codes to get you unlimited money, the fun we had building up a city perfectly only to destroy it with aliens and monsters. Before Minecraft, SimCity was our virtual lego block game and it was near perfect. Sure there were some changes we all would have love to make but I bet you a million dollars not one kid thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I could share resources with my friends.” Not one. So when EA showed up with SimCity Social with all their nonsense about ‘online fun’ I wasn’t buying it, not one bit because it’s not a feature I ever wanted, or asked for or pondered about. It all turned out to be bunk as it turns out that EA were using the ‘always online’ feature to mask their stupid DRM. They broke a game so much that it became unplayable.


The good news is that I’ve never been in love with EA. I don’t really care for Mass Effect, I don’t play sports games that aren’t on the Wii and Dead Space scares me so much that I haven’t gotten past the first thirty minutes. So feh. Anytime I see people asking for boycotts of EA I generally shrug and just keep it moving. Till today! I just read in Eurogamer that EA is shutting down Sim Social their Facebook game and I saw the word Playfish. Playfish!? The owners of the only Facebook Game I ever really loved? Okay, fine Hotel City I loved you too.

Gahh, don’t look at me like that. These games were cool.. ish!

This is Restaurant City.


You start small, then you get as creative as you like!


I can’t really explain what you had to do in the game, but all I remember is that it was very social and very cool. I had a core group of about five friends who would play this every day with me, and it was really nice. We’d send each other messages, help out in each others restaurants and send ingredients we’d farmed. No matter how hard I worked on my game I had one friend who would just be baller at it! She then introduced me to Hotel City, which I remember a bit better.


My hotel was way bigger than this and had all the amenities.

You ran a hotel, and you’d buy,  then just put rooms in a grid, kind of like Jenga. You could build all these awesome themed rooms, put shops and restaurants to entertain and encourage more guests. It was really fun. I say it was fun because there was no pressure to use money till much later in the games cycle and I think by then they knew they were going to cut them out for other games, my guess is that’s when EA started to be in control more? I’m speculating, I need someone to blame. I was sad to see them go, because I was sad to see that connection with my friends go.

I don’t tell people this, because they think Facebook games are lame and annoying. So I just tell people that EA screwed me over with Mass Effect, when in reality I’m mad about Resturant City and Hotel City.

Shh, it’s better this way.



3 thoughts on “I miss you Restaurant City.

  1. Hey, I hated FB game too, BUT I still miss restaurant city!!! I played it from the day it launched until EA shut it down. I didn’y have a beef w/ them until that happened. Why buy playfish and then shut down what made them great? Cute,fun games such as restaurant city, hotel city, and,country story? Restaurant city had a massive network of dedicated players, and when they were it down, the forum thread that announced it had a few thousand pages of post of ‘Please, don’t shut RC down!!! Keep the server up and stop updating it, we don’t care, but we just to keep our restaraunts!’

    So, yes, i hate EA now, they shut it down to bring in a shitty game like Simsocial, and shut that down as well. I have no good,words for them, they destroy everything they touch.

    God Bless ~Amy

  2. Not only does nothing match but even the game that’s close, Café World, is being shut down with the same excuse. I could care less about CW but I LOVEEEEEEEEEEDDD Restaurant City I had 3 restaurants with different themes a lot of money and was doing well. I hated when they changed it to buying the time open and specific time to close and pick up the cash but it was a minor inconvenience still loved it and then they took it and Hotel City away. All sucks all of the games now basically require real cash and forced friends to play. Where as RC and HC you could hire friends but not require them o play and you earned money pretty fast. Sucks what they did no matter how much people posted and begged they still shut down their fans. Just SUCKY company

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