Will I play Terraria if it was on the Vita?



Proooobably not, but it’s coming to the Vita regardless of my desire to play it.

The Terraria vs Minecraft divide made me feel like I was in Primary School again, unsure which side I should swear allegiance to. My problem back then was I liked both, this time I dislike both, equally. I can’t even say I’ve really tried to love them, or to choose. I’ve given both games a solid ten minutes and firmly decided that I just couldn’t care either way. The things that people come up with on Minecraft is simply astounding and I can totally respect their passion, it’s just that I don’t care enough to try it for myself. Really, not even a little bit.

If it’s on sale and if I have enough room in my already limited space memory card (come on Sony, be a bro make them cheaper so I can buy more games please) then I might maybe consider it. Though it’s doubtful.

Bioshock on the Vita though? I would give you all of my money. ALL OF IT. Well, minus money to buy snacks.


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