Khaleesi loves: Fighting Games.

The Vita bundle I have came with Assassin’s Creed III: Liberations which I’ve unfortunately been unable to play due to time constraints so instead I’ve been playing games that I haven’t had to invest a lot of time into.

With the PS+ subscription I’ve been able to try out some fun mini games, which have kept me entertained on the bus journey and during lunch breaks at work. It’s unfortunate but the way my days are I’ve been unable to commit to playing any games for longer than 20 minutes at a time (if I’m lucky).

I have Rayman Origins which I love, but ever since my boyfriend beat like 60% of the game and got a bunch of my trophies (rageeee) I’ve fallen a little out of love with the no limbed hero.

Everything else seemed to be a time sink … so a fighting game? Sounds awesome, you jump in and you jump out no sweat. I already have SFxT on the PC, Mortal Combat never really appealed to me so PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PSASBR ) seemed like a good easy game to play. Oh how wrong I was. PSASBR is a game that wants all of your time. It wants you to find a character you love and master the ever-loving-crap out of it.

I was pretty sure I could resist, till I saw her. Everyone, meet my soulmate, Fat-Princess.

She is phenomonal, her Level One attack is eating cake and destroying everyone in her path. CAKE! I love cake!

Fat Princess is a game that I always wanted to play but never could because I didn’t have a PS3, then when I did get a PSP, trying to find Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake was such a chore that I gave up and when I did find a copy I didn’t snap it up like I did because I barely touch my PSP anymore.

(Except now I do have it! And it’s pretty neat!)

So what was I saying? Cake.

Fighting games where what pulled me into video games in the first place, I had all kinds of fun playing Street Fighter with my cousins on their SNES. It was a source of pride to me kicking the butts of my older cousin’s and their friends with Chun-Li’s fierce combos. I spent a while afternoon with my younger brother and his friend beating Tekken 3 with every character, laughing at their backstories and raging when my brother picked Yoshimitsu who’s moves I could never seem to counter. I’ve spent endless days playing Dead or Alive with my cousins, praying no-one picked Eddie because his aerobic fighting moves always left me lost.

I might not be good at fighting games, but I love them and stranger still I am one of those people who loves the back stories  What you were kidnapped, fought back, found out you enjoyed it and now are in a tournament to avenge your father’s financial woes? Sure, whatever sounds reasonable. I read every single one of the character bios in the Tekken 3 sleeve. Did you know that Xiayou trains pandas? Yeah!

But I digress.

What was I saying? Yes! Fighting Games are great!


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