Shooters on the PS Vita.

I am not a very proficient FPS or TPS player if I have to use a controller. I’m not very good any way, but when it comes to a controller, I have to spend even longer thinking about my actions which lead me to die a lot faster than most. I remember playing Killzone on the PSP and not being able to make it past the second mission because my reflexes weren’t quick enough. I’ll be honest, I really thought shooting games were outside of my realm of ability till I tried them on the PC. It’s amazing the difference a keyboard and mouse make. I think my inability to play shooters with controllers has a lot to do with the second analogue stick controlling the camera, I just don’t get it.  I get frustrated so I don’t play.

When buying game,  I’ve stuck to platformers, puzzle and fighting games, because those are the games that I’ve found most fun to play. But for some reason this past week I’ve been really itching to play a shooter, specifically on the Vita so I decided to do a little research of what was out there and it really wasn’t very encouraging.

(Please do not take any of my following comments as reviews, as I have not played any of these games in full. The following statements are based on my brief review of other reviews as I try to decide what game to buy.)

Developer: Nihilistic | Publisher: Activision | EU Release Date: 13th November 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified was arguably the most anticipated shooter on the PS Vita. It did not do very well at all, scoring a 32 out of 100 on Metacritic, making it the lowest ranked game on the system yet. Reading that score was pretty shocking, because the franchise is so well loved I expected there to be a lot more ‘glossing over’ issues than I saw. From all the reviews the main complaints were that the single player campaign was very short (some reports going as low as 45 minutes), the sound quality being bad and that the game overall felt very unfinished.

I would only be interested in playing the single player, so that combined with the steep price point (£47.99 in GAME), just totally removed this game from my list.




Developer: Nihilistic | Publisher: Sony | EU Release Date: 1st June 2012

Resistance! This was a game that I was particularly looking forward to because I’ve always loved the look of the Resistance series, but because I never had access to a PS3, I never got the chance to really play it. This past holiday when my brother and cousin were playing though the co-op story, I was play armchair gamer, pointing them in the right direction because of my aforementioned controller deficiency. I believe it was the first shooter on the Vita, and for a lot of people it seems like it’s just one big wasted opportunity. I should note that this and the CoD Vita game were made by the same company and the same issues were put forward for both, so maybe it’s a trend with that developer? Short singleplayer (though Resistance was billed at significantly longer), problems with sound and a feeling that the game was rushed through development. While I haven’t played the game or a demo, these come across as valid complaints me. The Vita is billed as a portable PS3, but there appears to be a trend of half assing the games for the system. It is not cheap, for a little bit extra, most gamers could just buy a PS3, and have access to a wide back catalogue are relatively inexpensive prices. So Sony should really step it’s game up.

The game did get 60 out of 100 on Metacritic, with many agreeing that while it was a missed opportunity, it was still a moderately enjoyable game. As someone who knows little about shooters, I don’t doubt that I would enjoy it as I don’t follow the genre well enough. But I can understand that for a game that promised a lot and was supposed to be the flagship FPS of the console, many gamers were left disappointed. I don’t doubt that if my FPS/TPS itch still persists when the game is cheaper, I will buy it. But right now for £35, I think I’ll pass.


Developer: Zipper Interactive | Publisher: Sony | EU Release Date: 7th March 2012

I played the demo of this game, it’s the only shooter with a demo in the EU PSN Vita store and I loved it! Someone asked me what was so great about it and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t fantastic. I can’t say I know a great deal about it because I only played the demo, but I had fun. The controls were pretty easy to use, especially for me who has no idea what I was doing. Shooting the different guns felt different, and what I liked most (though, I’m not sure if it’s a symptom of demo mode) was that the game gave me enough time to think and react. Other reviews have been largely favourable (71 out of 100 on Metacritic), which is nice. But it seems like the game has been somewhat ignored because it’s a new IP and doesn’t have the weight of a big name studio or franchise behind it.

It’s still pretty expensive (£30), and I’ve yet to clear my gaming backlog, but once I do Unit 13 is right at the top of my must buy list for the Vita. Till then, I’ll keep replaying the demo!

I know there are other games that I could have looked at. but I ignored them either because they are download only or they aren’t out yet. Because the Vita memory cards are so expensive, I’ve decided to only buy the retail versions of the games and so far (with a few minor irritations) it has been serving me well because I’ve found that the retail versions are often cheaper.

I never thought that I’d want to play a shooter on a handheld.


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