Eurogamer: Is this Valve’s Steam Box?

Shut up and take all my monetary funds.

Well, probably not. However, it is pretty nifty.

This is the X7a gaming PC from Xi3 designed to support Steam & Big Picture (Steam on a TV), which is perfect for me as I only ever buy my games through Steam as that’s where all my gaming friends are. You’ll have to click the picture to read the full specs and get a better understanding of the PC because I can’t claim to understand much about it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know much about computers at all. Don’t look so shocked! Let me explain.

The laptop I have is currently two years old, was picked out by my father, and is capable of running most of the games I want to play on medium (why won’t you love me Dishonored?). It’s a mid ranged Dell XPS 15. At university I was lucky to find a group of Computer Scientists who would regularly tut at me, take my computer away and make it do awesome things. It was pretty neat. I’m sure a lot of you are turning your nose up at me right now, a Dell you cry? A laptop?! How could I be such a technical philistine?! Well to that I say, pfffftttt. It is what it is. What’s exciting about the X7a, is that it’s a modular computer. So for people like me who rely heavily on computers but only have the very basic grasping of their inner workings having a computer that essentially works like a lego set is fantastic. Better yet, a portable lego set! The X7a, is tiny. Like fits in your hand tiny, which is amazing. It can be upgraded by a simple swapping out of components! Erm, yeah, that’s fantastic! It does mean that the upgrades are limited to what the company provides, but I’m ever optimistic.

The main reason I have a laptop is because I am yet to find a ‘home base’ of operations and I really doubt that I will till I decide to settle down (which won’t be for a long while) so I need a machine that can handle going places with me. I don’t really want to build a super awesome computer, then spend a crazy amount of money and effort lugging it around with me as I travel.

I don’t want to get too excited, because it might all end up being a flop. But who knows? I think for now I’ll hold off on buying that Alienware laptop, and see how this pans out.


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