We all make mistakes.


My cousin and my brother got seven chapters into Resistance 3 co-op before they realised they couldn’t save because they’re playing on a guest account. Bwhaha! And so the decision was made to finish the game. It is now 2:22am. Watching them play the first couple of chapters, I realised that while I’m not very good at FPS (and terrible with a controller) my limited knowledge of shooters and adventure games is actually helpful. Yay! They’re much better with the controller, but I see things that they don’t. Certain systems and ui directions just seem natural to me that they just haven’t encountered before. They play a lot of FIFA so it’s not strange. It’s nice being the armchair director, pointing out alien patterns and explaining how picking up ammo works and the different gun styles. I just wish they wouldn’t bloody skip through the dialogue scenes! I wonder if the Vita’s Resistance game is any good? I’d really like to try playing it, though I’m sure it will end up like when I played Killzone on the PSP. Badly.


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