Cake Please!


When I first heard of Fat Princess I thought it was pretty silly and thought it might be good fun to play. But alas, I didn’t own a PS3 and by the time I got my PSP and found out there was a PSP version I couldn’t really be bothered. I hadn’t picked up my PSP in months, so what was the point?

Cake. Cake is the point.

From the moment I knew that Fat Princess was a PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale character, I knew she would be my main. It was an easy choice, being a Nintendo baby I don’t really know any of the other characters well enough to feel any connection, Fat Princess seemed fun… and oh boy is she. Her animations, fight style and combos are so cute and deadly that I struggle not to squee each time I execute them.

I saw the PSP version on sale through Amazon for under £5 with free shipping and I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve heard the game is very Team Fortress 2 like, which is good, because I love that game :) Hopefully I’ll have enough time this holiday to play it. Maybe I should buy some cake to celebrate?

You’re right, I probably should, cake is delicious.


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