The Round Robin 6 is over! Here’s what went down…


Well, The Round Robin has just finished it’s 6th season, with both EU and NA performing spectacularly. Before I give you the low-down, let me just explain what it’s all about.

The Round Robin was formed by some members of the TF2 highlander team, Jolly Ranchers, and was originally called The Reddit Round Robin, but dropped the ‘Reddit’ title after a few seasons, because of the keen interest from other communities. Khaleesi took over, and helped The Round Robin grow and become what it is today. It is a tournament set up to give players their first taste of the competitive highlander scene, and people can sign up as an individual looking to be placed in a team who are then mentored by high division, very experienced teams. Alternatively, if you have enough friends, you can sign up for the team tournament. You’ll then be placed in a bracket with teams of similar skill, and play in a round robin format, followed by a semi-final and a grand final. A lot of the teams formed in previous mentor tournaments have stayed together and entered into UGC seasons.


So what happened this season?

This season, we had the 3 mentor teams, Frostbite, Hypothermia and Influenza, battle it out for the winning title. Note that Frostbite were mentored by the KritzKast Distinguished Ducks, and Hypothermia were mentored by Yonus from Colony. Spoiler alert! These were the two teams which made it to the finals, which was casted by Salamancer (the VOD can be found here). But in case you don’t want to watch the nail-biting action on pl_Badwater, I’ll give you a quick summary of what went down.

Round 1, Frostbite set their time of 7:29, and managed to defend against Hypothermia for long enough to take this round.

Round 2, Frostbite set the time again, this time only capturing 3 points in a time of 9:18, but fail to defend the 3rd point for long enough, meaning Hypothermia win this round with 5:39 left on the clock.

Round 3, the tie-breaker, Hypothermia set their time of 6:00 exactly, and hold an excellent defense all the way, with Frostbite missing out on the winning title by mere seconds, leaving SalTV stream viewers on the edge of their seat as Frostbite’s cart sat just inches away from the final point, crowning Hypothermia the winners of The Round Robin 6 mentor tournament.


What about the team tournament?

This season, there were 16 teams participating in the EU tournament, including 3 teams from previous Round Robin seasons, and the all-girls team Handbags at Dawn (Who played in an all girl’s show match against the NA all-girls team, Lady Fortress 2, which Kip casted and can be found here). These teams were split into 4 different groups, and each group played in the standard round robin format, and then onto the semi-finals (The semi-finals were on pl_Badwater_Snowy, and the match between itsallgood and Team Mean Mode was also casted by Salamancer here), and the finals which were casted by Kip, and the VOD for that can also be found here. But again, if you don’t feel like watching, the final was between itsallgood and Pick up the Paste, where they played 5 rounds on koth_arctic, with itsallgood winning 2 rounds, but Pick up the Paste managed to just beat them taking away 3 rounds and the title of The Round Robin season 6 winners for the team tournament.


So there you have it! If you played in RRR6, let us know, and if you hosted any of the matches on your server and have a source TV demo, make sure you label it well send it, along with any key details of the match (Starting time, any key moments, etc) to csaurTF2[at] 


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