Khaleesi loves Sala


(Huge stuff about me in TF2 competitive scene, I FORGOT SO MUCH BECAUSE IT’S ALREADY REALLY LONG. HALP!)

It’s been now a little bit longer than a year ago. The time I started playing competitively.

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Dear Sala,

You are one of the nicest people I’ve been lucky to come into contact with in TF2. I wish you wouldn’t be so down on yourself, but I understand that sometimes you lose faith in yourself, but it’s okay! We’re here to poke you and bring you back up.

Why? Because we love you. 

I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to be in contact with you, and I know that while we don’t spend a lot of time chatting unless we have a specific topic, I know that you’re reading my posts and I’m reading yours and we take an interest in each other’s lives. 

I think a lot of us are planning on going to i49, and hopefully even though NA teams might not make it again, we can make it into a big meetup where we finally get to hug our friends who we’ve been unable to meet. 

It’s pretty crazy that something like TF2 can bring me close to people who I never really want to let go of. 

So yeah, when I saw the thumbnail, “The End”, I was a little worried. But I’m glad it was just a reflective post rather than a goodbye one :D

You rock! Keep being awesome, 




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