Oppa Drinking Style!

Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: I’ve been a little burned out about TF2 recently.
Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: Like my steam rating is so low right now, I just have no motivation to load it up.
[CaptainOppa]: I definitely know the feel miss
Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: But casting I was like, “I WANT TO PLAY LIKE RIGHT NOW.”
[CaptainOppa]: xD
[CaptainOppa]: Playing highlander last season made me want to make it into a platinum or silver team
[CaptainOppa]: it’s strange going from a plat team to an steel team
[CaptainOppa]: you know what I need to do
[CaptainOppa]: just get
[CaptainOppa]: piss drunk again and play tf2 and 4am with you
[CaptainOppa]: or not even just piss drunk
Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: Oh god.
Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: Yes.
Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: We need to, like it needs to be a thing.
[CaptainOppa]: my god
[CaptainOppa]: I know what I’m buying when I get home then
[CaptainOppa]: Drunk tf2 with oppa and khaleesi
Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: :D
Khaleesi | ღ theroundrob.in: ERMAGAD SO EXCITED.


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