Sal is streaming a game with Alex Goldenboy Mendez, who is a CoD caster on his twitch account right now.

This is super fun to watch, but I’m going to have to bail out and go to sleep because it’s almost 4am. But yes! This cast! I hope there’s a vod of this (EDIT: Here is it.) so I can watch it all from the start because this is one of the best casts I’ve watched in a while.

Alex doesn’t know that much about TF2 but he’s very¬†enthusiastic about what’s happening and he’s asking a lot of questions which actually makes me really excited about this game moreso than usual. I think this is a good thing, get casters from other games to have a first look at competitive TF2. Being in the competitive scene it’s easy to forget the childlike wonder and excitement of the first few competitive games you watch.

So yes, Alex’s questions sound kinda dumb to someone who’s watched tons of games, and when he called a mini sentry a baby turret I smiled, but his excitement and wonder is infectious and I love it.

But he’s like.. so freaking good at casting. He’s understanding the metagame and casting like a goddamn pro. Goldenboy <3

Going to bed now, it’s 4am. Damn you TF2, you take up all my life.


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