Holy rainbowballs. This game. I don’t think you understand how amazing this is to me.

Okay, so when I was five (actually I think I might have been four) and went to visit my cousins in the US (I lived in Nigeria at the time), my two older male cousins tried to get me into video games. They sat me down in front of this game and taught me the controls and I remember just dying, like constantly dying. But I loved it, and I was hooked. But I don’t remember them telling me the name and I couldn’t remember much detail about it, but today a friend of mine deciphered my crappy description and pointed me to it.

Reading up about it now, the game was pretty brutal.. and yet I loved it and remember it so fondly. So yeah, don’t like think kids can’t do anything or whatever. I forgot the point I was trying to make.



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