Less talking, more pew pew.

After watching most of the Fully Charged episode about growing competitive TF2 I felt the urge to write this. Hopefully it’s coherent because I posted it directly to Reddit and didn’t proof read it :s 

It’s probably fine. 


To start I think the bitching about which is the right format, and which is the best league etc etc needs to stop. It makes us look stupid as hell to anyone looking in. Why should anyone on the outside take us seriously when all we do is talk mad shit and pull each other down? 

There’s a lot of talk about money too. Which is great. I mean, we need money to do the things we want to do, to eat, to go places, to buy other video games etc etc, but we didn’t start playing because we thought we’d cash in on the TF2 money tree. The reason we boot up this game every day, play, trade, talk, write articles, stream, organise events and do all this isn’t because we’re looking for a get rich scheme, we do this because we’re passionate about this game and about the community. When we start focusing how we can pay people to play this game we give off the impression that it sucks so much ass that we have to pay you to do this. Money is good, let’s not make it the focus of why we do this.

Right now comp TF2 is so insular, all we do is share amongst ourselves, which isn’t helping us any. And I know, I know that the top teams are where all the sick plays are but the only time I’ve ever managed to get any of my friends outside TF2 to care about what I’m doing is when I’ve somehow managed to link it to myself. My parents who know nothing about video games beyond Mario and Tetris watched Sal cast my scrubby game because I was in it. Same with my friends, because it was me they watched and some of them booted up the game for the first time in forever. 

The showmatches and the top level play might interest older members of the community because they know the players and the history of the teams, but to outsiders they have no idea what’s happening. So I’m appealing to all the casters to cast more lower level games. I think we massively need to invest in the lower skilled/newer in the community, that’s the lifeblood. Yeah okay we want to get more people in, more teams involved, but what do we do to keep them interested? Yes, TF2 needs celebrities and stars, but we can’t just have the same 100 top players watching these people stream, and how would the newer players know who the fuck to root for or watch if we don’t engage them?

So yes, that is what I think. 


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