Winter is coming. Bring guns.


There’s something about snow, so white and pure, blanketing the fields that just screams at you to poke some holes in some mercenaries to add a splash of colour to the place.

Winter is coming soldiers, and we’re going to need you to bring your guns!

All relevant dates and times are on the poster, feel free to share it around, and get people excited. We are a one day tournament, so all gameplay will be held on one day, so please ensure that you are free all day, or have enough people to cover the games that will be played. If you’re confused about how the tournament runs, don’t worry we have a step by step guide written up for you. And for all your little questions, we have a FAQ filled with the most commonly asked questions.

Sign up as a team here.

The Team tournament is on the 9th of December.

Sign up as an individual here.

The Mentor tournament is on the 2nd of December.

Individual applications will be matched with other individuals and placed with a mentor team who will coach them to participate for a separate tournament. This is called the Mentoring tournament. This way, more established teams will not rofflestomp newer players, and everyone gets to have a fun pew pew time.

Sign ups will end on the 1st of November.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the admins.

Khaleesi  ~^o^


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