On Saturday I went to the 2012 Eurogamer Expo with Hugh and met up with some old University friends. It was pretty much amazing. Nay. #amazeballs even.

I’ll be honest, I bought the tickets as a sort of, “Well.. since I can’t go to i46, this will do I guess..”

I’ve never been to a LAN, or convention before because I’ve never really had people who would want to go with me, I’ve never had the time, or had the money. So understandably when I got in, I was in awe. 

The convention hall was huge. Like really really big. Crazily what got to me more was not the size of the play but that it was filled with people just like me, who are passionate about games and gaming. From the AAA sections, to the indie booths, to the cosplay areas, the place was just wall to wall awesome nerdy glory. 

The amount of pictures genuinely reflects the childlike wonder I had while I was wondering around. Everything was just on such a huge scale. Huge posters, huge displays, huge booths. I didn’t want to look at it through a lens, I wanted to live it.. that and you weren’t really allowed to take pictures of a lot of the screens.

Here’s a little rundown of the games that I played around a little with. 

  • Doom 3 – 3D (360)! It’s a very immersive game in 3D, but I was wearing glasses, so I was very aware of the 3D glasses and the fact that my head was spinning the entire time. I did surprisingly OK with the controller, I thought I’d embarrass myself, but it was ho’kay. 
  • Natural Selection 2 (PC)! Hugh has been blathering on about this game for the longest time and I’ve been too busy to pay any attention to it. It’s a lot like how I imagine that TF2 would play if Commander Mode was ever implemented. Our commander was a complete noobjockey though, so I didn’t really get a real taste of the game how it should be played. But it seems really good.. but it seems like a very competitive game. Like you’d have to face off against teams and I don’t know how much fun that is. The thing I love about TF2 is that it has it’s serious side and it’s more fun silly side. With NS2, I feel like I’d have to try hard all the time.  Hmm, we’ll see when it comes out of beta eh?
  • Assasin’s Creed 3 (Vita)! Man, I was really looking forward to playing this game and it was a lot of fun. I was very conscious that other people were waiting in line to play so I didn’t want to be a dick and hog the console. It was nice but I feel like they should have let us play a demo of the tutorial and a mission. I understand the whole, “throw you in the middle of it”, which is great for other consoles that have been around for years and everyone is familiar with. With the Vita, not so much. It looks an awful lot like a PSP but it really isn’t, it has two touchscreens that games love to get all up in. So, that’s confusing. I played a mission where you had to sneak into a barracks, and Hugh played a mission where you somehow have to wrestle a crocodile, we both enjoyed our experience!
  • Dance Central 3 (Kinect)! I begged and begged Hugh to dance with me, and he did! I think I’m still a little blown away by that. It was awesome, we danced to Moves like Jagger (even though I wish I’d picked 2NE1! ermagad kpop in a Western game) and it was hilarious. It’s a lot harder than the previous games, which is good, forces you to improve! The song selection is ever eclectic, which is nice as there will be at least one song that everyone knows. What about Just Dance you say? Well, Just Dance sucks. Yes. I said it. That game blows chunks, it’s a crappy dance game that barely tracks you on your steps. No I don’t care that it’s on Kinect now, it’s always going to be awful. 
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (360)! This game is fun. Hard but fun. I know I’ll never make pro on this game. How do I say this so confidently? Well! I cannot for the life of me use the arcade pad. Holy crap it’s hard to use! Before we went on the demo, we watched a TTT2 and those guys knew their stuff, it was pretty neat to see pros do it.. you know right before I embarrassed myself at the demo unit. 
  • Dead or Alive 5 (360)! We had an audience for this game, which was amusing. We played two rounds, he won one and I won the other and everyone was whispering (oh wow, she’s kicking his ass.. is he going to take her trash talk?!) .. so yeah, I was trash talking. Playing it was all kinds of fun, it totally threw me back to when I was much younger playing DoA with my cousins and just having a good time. I remember why I got into fighting games in the first place, because it was easier to beat up my cousins and not get into trouble. :p It’s such an easy game to pick up and pull combos off for, I felt like some kind of fighting game guru while playing it, when all I did was really mash a few buttons together!
  • Dishonored (360)! Well. This game uses all the freaking buttons on the pad. Like all of them. I don’t know much about the game, I purposely stayed away because I don’t have enough money to buy all the video games. Oh okay, I do, but I physically cannot play all these games at the same time. PC Gamer write up about a mission in the game and like that my interest in the game was piqued. I had fun in the demo. Hugh and I played the same level but did utterly different things, it was pretty neat.

Erm. We walked around and took pictures of things. Look! I found an Engineer! We also saw Claptrap, I’m pretty sure I saw Sailor Moon. But yes. Nice time, played videya games, will do it again soon hopefully.



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