RRR5 casted games.


The STVs are here

We don’t have all the matches, so if you still have an stv, or demo you’d like us to put up, please get in contact with one of the administrators.

Sal casted some of the mentoring games, you can find them on his Youtube page. Check him out because he does some awesome casting and is a wonderful force for good in the TF2 competitive community.

Kip casted some of the full team tournament games. She’s a relatively new caster, that is super enthusiastic and genuinely fun to listen to. The only female caster that I know of, which is awesome. 

If you know of any other casted games that we’ve missed please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

RRR5 was so much fun and we couldn’t have done it without everyone who participated and worked so hard to make it a success. 

We’ve got some great ideas for RRR6, and we look forward to it being the best season yet!

– ^o^ Khaleesi

Yay casts! Because I’m so busy running around on the day I don’t get to watch all the matches. 

So this is nice. 

I forgot how utterly mental plr_panic is! I think for next season we’re going to have to create posters for each map to explain how it works, especially if we’re doing kooky maps like this one! :)


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