Working in a video game store nets you a lot of perks. There are often a lot of freebies (less so this dry summer season) that we get and cool editions that we get offered as part of incentives. 

It’s actually pretty neat when you think about it, especially as the giant nerd that I can be.

There were only two people at work who wanted Guild Wars 2 that didn’t already have it, and I let my co-worker have it and I got some pretty neat WoW Cataclysm  special edition swag (pictures to follow) instead.

I was pretty bummed out, but I know with all my time seemingly devoted to TF2 organising/playing/planning that it would probably go to waste on me. But my Assistant manager was so awesome and said because I was such a bro I could have the T-Shirt… so I asked for the box too.

Granted I don’t have the game, but from what I’m hearing a-la lack of servers playing right now isn’t that much fun, so I’ll wait till the hype dies down and see if it’s something I want to invest in. You know, if I’m not too distracted with playing with my pets  Pokémon style in the new WoW expansion pack.



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