Just as I was about to go to sleep Steam’s new TV friendly format ‘Big Picture’ went live in Beta. 

I only played with it for a few minutes as I have to go to sleep but I will say from first impressions it delivers what it promises. 

Daisywheel is slightly awkward at first, but I found myself quickly building up the typing pace. I’ll admit, it’s not going to replace keyboard and mouse anytime soon, but it will make the experience a lot more pleasant than scrolling through the entire alphabet as per default option in most consoles.

The browser is just.. WOW. It’s very very awesome. Maybe because I’m so used to the pile of crap fest that is the Steam Browser that anything short of IE looks spectacular to me. Browsing felt so much more fluid than I thought would be possible and the nice nod to Reddit per the favourites was nice (unless it was just me and everyone has different favourites based on their browser history).

Hopefully I’ll be able to do a proper write up tomorrow after I’ve tried launching games with it and playing around with a few more of the features, but for now it’s looking good!


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