I feel like such a fangirl. Wait no, I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but other than super pretty TF2 and mildly awkward web browsing I’ve not had a real reason to do this.

Till now! The ‘Valve Box’ – Valve’s foray into the console gaming market has been a rumour for a long time. Were they too going to abandon us loyal PC gamers for the ‘easier’ console market? Many (me included) would dare to believe that Gaben would abandon us and this recent announcement looks like they haven’t. Indeed with this newly announced Steam Big Picture they are looking to move to the living room space, but in a way that seems to include the PC gamer. This is promising! 

So I the loyal Valve-ite have moved my laptop to the living room and finally hooked it up the the TV in anticipation for the Beta release of Steam Big Picture!

I’m interested in seeing how the Daisywheel keyboard is going to work with a controller. When I see a controller I don’t really think, “ease of typing”, so this should be fun.

As with all Steam Updates, I wait, patiently.


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