Boyfriend bought me a Strange Kritzkreig for my birthday back in March and I think he’s just really really wanted one since then. Because now I’m super pro leet medic and he’s a scrub with only three strange medic guns, not five like me. 


I don’t really care for trading (I’m really bad at Ebay too) so even though I could have gotten a lot of cool things with my earbuds (that Stuart kindly gave me) I just wore them and never thought about their value (23+ keys I believe?). But yes, he’s really stepped up his, “I want this gunnnn” whining and when I saw he was selling his backpack I was sad. 

So I sold my buds, added a few keys to the transaction and bought him the weapon. But he wouldn’t take it, only trade.

THAT’S PERFECT BECAUSE I WANTED THAT HAT ANYWAY. He’d let me borrow it a long time ago and then asked for it back, now tis all mine. PLUS MvM weapon so people can think I’m really good at TF2 when I’m not. Best. Trade. Ever. 

That ladies and gentlemen is how you do a nice thing for someone but get what you really wanted in the first place.

Next week I’ll show you a similar trick involving Guild Wars 2. 


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