Oh god.. the shame. This game!

My team Jolly Ranchers has gone through a difficult time the last couple of months, roster changes being the main thing. Lots of drama. In order to keep the momentum we rushed into UGC Season 7 and I’m kind of glad we did that because we’re now on a much better track. The constant failures actually motivated us to do better! Surprised me too, I was sure we’d fold! But I guess the dedication of the members is testament to how we’re still going strong. 

We hit a low point on one game during this season, click the link if you want to watch that moment. We were placed against a team we helped build and we lost so badly that it .. it was just bad. I want it to be said that we had huge gaps in our roster and that lead to poor co-ordination, but those would be hollow meaningless excuses. I think it was at that point we decided that we just had to do better. 

So we have. We’ve stepped up recruitment and we’re looking forward to being a lot more .. with it as a team. 

I’ll admit this cast kind of bummed me out a lot because I wanted us to be much further along than we were at that point. I think we all wanted to be better than the mess we displayed. But, every team has to have a slump and I think that was our first major one.

Really really looking forward to the new season.



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