I wrote a post a couple a months ago about how excited I was to go to i46. I was really excited to go and meet some friends who I hadn’t met, others who I had and to spend a weekend playing video games like we normally do. But this time, there would be beer! Wait, there was always beer. This time I would have been able to see them drink said beer!

It was to be glorious and amazing and I was ultra excited for the prospect. Then the universe giggled in my face and snatched this awesomefuntime away from me.

I was bummed. Like, super bummed. Worse! Instead of my friends telling me how sukky it was, everyone wouldn’t shut up about how amazing a time they were having. There was even a livestream up from their clanbox which showed them having all the fun.

Spies, the lot of them! Traitors!


Though, one amazing human being CSaur took pity on me and promised to post me some stickers and that made me super happy. What a bro right? When the mail arrived this morning I realised just how much of a bro she was.

Ermagad! In the envelope was:

I’m really greatful. Not just for the awesome signatures and STICKERS (omg), but the thought that went behind it. She didn’t have to send me something (first class) but she did and it got me even more excited about TF2 as an esport. The community is so beast and if we keep being awesome to each other then it’s going to be HUGEE.

I can’t wait till i49.

God damn this shirt is so beast.


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