Falling in love with what you do.

What’s really exciting to me, what has always been really exciting to me is that if you’re good at something and you have people who are interested in how good you are.. that can be your job.

When we’re asked as children what we want to be, we pick things which we think are fun!

“I want to be a cat mommy!”

“I want to be a cookie taster!” 

“Lego maker!”

We chose these things with our childhood innocence because those things genuinely interest us. How precious right?

But more often than not we lose that desire to do what we enjoy and we think more ‘practically’, we pick standard jobs like, “doctor, lawyer” because that’s what’s expected of us. I say this coming from a family of doctors on one side and lawyers on the other. My parents are architects. When I mused that I might not want to go to university my mother looked at me very plainly and responded, “But, you do want to go.” She was right, I did want to go and it was the best freaking time of my life. I had friends who loved it and hated it, some who were there just because. 

I have no problem with academics or working in an office, my issue I guess is doing things just because. Going to school, just because you’re supposed to, working in a crappy job, getting married, having children all just because it’s the done thing. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all found the things we love to do and then pursued them? Wouldn’t that just be utterly fantastic?

I realised something that I’ve known for a while but have been a little ashamed of, I love organising things, I love TF2 and I’m at my happiest when I mix the two. I admit I out geeked my nerdy co-workers (I work at a video game store) when I tried to explain the work I’ve been doing in the TF2 community with things like The Round Robin and even just something I consider basic like Jolly Ranchers clan organisation.

Honestly the fact that it is video game related has very little to do with the shame, it’s more that I enjoy it and I don’t consider it to be work. Every career counsellor I’ve spoken to has always talked about finding that one thing that you love and finding how you can support yourself with it. I legitimately enjoy working (I still struggle to think of it as work) with and coordinating people from all over the world to video game. I loved it in my WoW days, I loved it when I played L4D, I even freaking love doing it when I’m playing Maths Training on DS with my friends.

Don’t hate, Maths Training is the best multiplayer game I’ve ever played.

I’ve started to accept that while I might not be able to totally support myself with doing what I’m doing (right now), at this point in time it’s what I want to do. It’s what I love doing, it’s what I wake up in the morning excited to have meetings about and that’s okay. I hope like many of the other people just like me who have fallen in love with this community we are able to fully support ourselves doing this at some point in time. 

Till then.


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