Well, bloody hell.

Last Sunday was The Round Robin a semi casual TF2 Highlander tournament and understandably as an administrator of the tournament I’ve been heavily engrossed in that.

Right before crunch time of the tournament I got sick with laryngitis, so I’ve been playing a lot of catch up with everything.

I managed to play a few games on koth_king, craft the heavy weapon for a friend’s birthday and watch STAR’s video on all the weapons, but er that’s about it. Between trying to organise around fourty teams and taking as many hours as I could at work to make up for my sick days I haven’t been able to follow all the cool things that have been happening with TF2.

There was an ARG?! We found out what the capacitor does? New comics? Nyahh! Bloody hell Team TF, you’ve been busy.

Yesterday night I was playing pomson gunslinger engineer (which is my new favourite thing) in a pub server, mindlessly killing things with my friends and realised it was nearly 1am. Clearly bedtime, TILL SOMEONE LINKED ME TO THE MOST GLORIOUS THING EVER. Mann vs Machine is a thing that is actually happening, dear god. I’m typing this on the bus, so I’ll have to do a proper write up later when I get home. I had planned to do it this morning, but I played some pomson gunslinger engie again. Ha.

I had to get this excitement out before work as no one else plays TF2, or cares about my obsession about it.

Silly co-workers.


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