All this Meet The Pyro hype is so overwhelming and intense. Everyone seems to see these intricate codes and I’m like, “la la la la~ pyro make fire weee~!”

So thankfully for those of us who don’t see lines of code a-la Neo, Valve have released information about the new Pyro update in plaintext.

There will be three days of updates, right up till Meet the Pyro on Wednesday. Omg, yay! Though they never said which Wednesday.. Valllllveee

The new map mode released today looks interesting. It has tracks, which got me excited about it being a possible pl? But it could just be there to look pretty, that’s a thing. What is exciting is that from the achievements there seems to be a slow moving platform at some point.. but also mentions of intel? So maybe it’s a Capture the Flag, Capture Point hybrid? 

Pure speculation, but it seems that the slow moving ramp would require the intel to be on it, so that means protect the scout (usually the primary intel holder), if so, would that make the Quick-Fix a viable weapon in comp, assuming this map makes it there?

.. I can’t breathe. 


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  1. To me the meet the pyro update was one of the worst uptades yet. The new weapons are mostly gimmicky and I already see people losing interest in them. The patches were HORRENDOUS the equalizer, Tomislav, and GRU being near useless (except the tomislav, that’s completely useless now). The new game mode has potential, but the map doomsday is so poorly designed. Basically snipers thrive as soon as they exit the spawn since the map is so laid out and there are so little obstacles they dominate while people are way to busy in the cluster fuck center. Speaking of the cluster fuck center 2 of the 3 spawns lead exactly to it, so yeah great design choice. I always find myself in a game that finishes ridiculously quickly because once one team picks up the intel it is so hard to make a comeback from that. And let’s not forget the last thing the massive amount of bugs on release day, not being able to trade, pyro vision being kinda wonky, item servers going down, you name it.Although it’s completely free and I always love tf2 so not that big of a deal

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