UGC Season 7 Week 2 | JR vs [S.A] | cp_croissant_rc4

I think I’m going to have to label this game as the most fun time game awesome I’ve had in competitive TF2, ever. We’re a new team made up of people who have been part of better teams and coming together we’ve had a few hiccups, adjusting to each other’s play style, etc etc. It’s been hard because shifting from being a well oiled machine to a sum of parts can and has been a little disheartening. 

But, we’ve been practising, playing more together and I guess focussing on the fun part of the game. While competitive TF2 is about being an uber try-hard if you’re not having fun, or it isn’t enjoyable then what’s the point?

We’d gone through the map the day before so we were feeling somewhat confident.

It’s really rare that you meet a team that is roughly on the same level as you skill wise and attitude wise. We were really lucky to have both with Soul Angels. They were an awesome group of people who gave as good as they got, which was nice. 

We played one 30 minute half and it was close, we almost got it. They got one round, then we got one round and the configs kept messing up so we just called it a draw ans scheduled it later. Played the golden cap today and it was a quick round. I think we were still on the high of it being an awesome fun game.

They put up a good fight and they gave us an awesome game. All in all an awesome start to the season :D


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