Diablo 3: I’m just going to buy the full game.

Trying to get the Guest Pass to work seems to be the hardest thing in the world. The key I have is apparently registered on my account, fantastic!

When I follow the Starter Edition, this is all I see available to download: 

Honestly so odd. I should call Blizzard, that is what the customer support rep suggested. But that seems like a lot of money for a free trial, so a friend from work gave me his key and this happened:

At this point I was like, “OMGWTFBBQ WHY YOU NO WORK?!” So stressful. Then a friend let me play on his account, new character etc etc.

Let me just say this now, the one hour playing on that game as a badass monk was so freaking awesome, I don’t even. I love it because I can play it in bed on my laptop and I don’t feel at a handicap for not having my mouse with me. 

So yes. I’m going to buy the full game. From work. With my staff discount.

… OKAY, no more video game purchases after this game! 


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