Survival Horror Games.

I am a big wuss. I don’t like scary things and I don’t like jumpy things. I don’t like shadow things at all, so much so that I sleep with a night light. 

The blood and guts horror doesn’t scare me, it’s the jumpy, spooky, shadowy half-truth things that make me very uncomfortable. 

Dead Space scares the bajesus out of me. 

Look at how long I’ve played it. Loook! I am willing to bet that 80% of that time was the game installing and setting up because I haven’t gotten very far. The second jumpy thing and I was out. Granted, I shouldn’t have been playing at 3am in the dark, but whatever! I don’t do fear, at all, no sir no way no how.

Amnesia is another one that x’d out of super quick and that was just on the demo. I’m such a babby, I know.

However, I love the Left 4 Dead series, and that could be considered pretty scary right? I love the story, I love the pew pew, I love how gross the special infected look and I love killing them. Death Toll is hands down my favourite campaign because it’s the first time I’ve picked up a sniper rifle in a game and felt mildly competent. It’s the little things. 

(Oh god, I went to the wiki to read up on the game. I lost an hour. Click this at your own risk.)

I put a lot of hours into the first one, and when the second one came out I played that one constantly too. For a game with a simple premise, there is a lot of content and a few interesting game modes. Versus was my least favourite, but that’s because I’m a terrible special infected. 

Sometimes I look at the game and I think, “gosh this should have scared me” but I think the co-op nature of the game really made it more fun for me. You’re more brave with friends around right? It must do, that’s how I made it through Paranormal Activity!

Zombies are a big part of our media, we’re obsessed with it. Movies, games, songs, fashion, it’s over saturated in my personal opinion. Plus it seems like every game promises real open world where you have to fight zombies and blah blah. Spoiler Alert: They don’t.  

Day Z

Till now. Day Z is an Arma II mod that promises a real time, open world free reign, kill or be killed battle for survival game. I haven’t played it yet because I don’t have Arma II, but I’m pretty sure before the month is out I’ll be teaming up with friends and killing zombies like I loved with L4D.

The most interesting thing about this game is the perma death. Once you die, you die. It isn’t about going rambo, killing as many zombies as you can then respawning. It’s about thinking tactically, trusting no-one and surviving for as long as possible and it looks bloody fantastic.

Looks great right? It even has it’s own subreddit.


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