What if gaming was an academic pursuit?

Sure you can be a professional gamer, but what if you could go to school and learn these skills? How freaking awesome would that be?! Instead of just using our Dreamatoriums, Rocket Jump have gone that step further and visualised it for us… and by god is is beautiful. They said they know webseires can be amazing and that they aim to be the best, you can see how they could achieve that. 

The trailer got me super excited, episode one kind of dulled that excitement, but episode two really pulled it back. The acting by the main character looks weak intially, but by the second episode he gets his act together and his acting makes more sense. But by far the best character so far is KeySwan, she’s basically an android, I love it. She seems to be a fighting game gamer, and a pretty decent programmer which is legit.

I’m really looking forward to this web series, it seems to have a clear story arc, so I don’t think it’s open ended but there isn’t that much information about it. Hmm, whatever, let’s enjoy the ride while it lasts!


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