Medic Advice from Sigma

Part 1

General stuff:

If you’re ever running around not healing someone, this is bad. You should have at least a general idea of what path each player will take on a push for each point, so that you don’t end up wandering around alone. Things like this are the difference between the enemy medic saying “What? They had uber already?” and you dying at 97%. On a related note, it’s usually a bad idea to use needles to defend yourself if you could be healing a teammate. In addition to the lost uber and health, it’s almost always better to pay attention to using your teammate to body block than to focus on aiming needles (unless you get caught in a bad position where they’re between you and your ally – – which basically just sucks and leave you few options).

You should always be looking for opportunities to give crit heals (and your team should be trying to play to get crit heals as much as possible). Unless you’re retreating and trying to keep people alive, “saving” people is a waste of time. When you think about it, mid fights usually get resolved 5-10s after the combo arrives. Are you going to spend that entire 10s healing the demo from 20hp at a pathetic 24hp/s, or are you going to spend 2s to get 2 185hp scouts that can run in and tear things up?

Don’t jump unless you’re going to ride an explosion or get up on something. This locks you into a predictable path for both hitscan and projectile weapons. If you were playing blindfolded, you’d live longer by mashing wasd than mashing wasd and space.

Stay focused and make decisions based on the moment you’re in, not what happened 2s ago. If a soldier jumps at you and you’re at 97%, don’t pop right when you hit 100 if you managed to get a surf and he doesn’t have a shot. Don’t duck past splash around a corner if the guy who was going to splash you died as you went there. If their combo was close on the corner 5s ago, don’t pop around the corner unless you know they’re still there.

Uber stuff:

If you get shot for 50 damage and you don’t know what hit you, pop uber. You got flanked by a scout or soldier and will die on the next hit.

Milking your uber is good until you do it too much. It’s way better to pop 1s early 10 times than to let your pocket die once because you think you can clutch it at 10hp. Rule of thumb: assume that every fragging class nearby will be able to do 100 damage to your target right away (because they can), and pop accordingly to not drop anyone. Also, it’s almost always better to pop on a 200hp soldier than to pop on a 50hp soldier and have a 1s longer uber… if you get juggled apart or need to flash it around and can’t get that soldier back to 200+ by the end of the charge, you’re going to get messed up. Basically, you don’t want to be “saving” people with uber, you want to be blocking big spikes of damage.

When the other team ubers while you have uber, and you have multiple players in the area, the correct response is to push your pocket+medic forward, not to have everyone back up together. The situation you want to create is to have non-uber players far back, and your single soldier up in their face to force a split and chase them down, perhaps just giving 1 flash to save your demo from an aggressive pocket. If you let them push you back, they’ll be able to force you to split and kite away from your uber, but if you charge them, their medic must run or he dies.

You can use an uber without using it (zen). If the other team does not have their charge, they will likely be playing far back with their combo so they don’t take a 70% death or something like that. As a result, you can often take a point without popping, because the threat of you popping keeps them away. The only reason to pop around a corner is if you know you’re going to take a damage spike there and you need to get in to do damage fast, or if their combo is holding right there and you’re going for an uber exchange.

Despite what frag videos may lead you to believe, it’s very hard to get the enemy medic to drop uber by using a kritz. What you should be looking for when kritzing is to force a pop with your combos far apart, and get big damage in by landing some splash. If you try to ram a kritz into a combo that has uber, you will get ubered on and die, since the very visible yellow flecks in your beam are broadcasting your intentions. Also, the comments about milking uber apply doubly so to kritz: the main damage from a kritz comes in the first shot. If you pop too late and miss that first shot, you are certainly not going to make up for it with the 1s longer kritz you have (generally time you spend waving your mouse around looking for enemies that have long since scattered).

Team stuff:

If you hit mid without both soldiers at 300, something is wrong. Gully is the only example I can think of where you arrive with less (because it’s so short and you can’t equalize). On every other map you should always have 1 soldier equalize, the other soldier jumps to the cabinet (if there is one — if not he waits for crit heals) then keep pace with the medic. The ideal healing pattern is demo, tag soldier before first jump (if he has crit heals — if he jumped to a cabinet, can skip), back to demo, tag scouts before out of range, stick on soldier, crit heal other soldier at mid. There’s no reason not to spend 5 minutes straightening this out with your soldiers, not doing this is like letting them have a free direct rocket every mid.

There are 2 things you can do to win in TF2. You can attack, or you can defend. If you’re not doing either of these, you’re losing. This is especially true when you have some kind of disadvantage – – less charge, med just died, less players up, etc. If you play super aggressive on their med*, you might get a pop/kill and even things out on the next spawn wave. If you give up ground to buy time for your uber, or spawns, or whatever, you can even things out. If you push up to standard positions you’d hold if it was 6v6 even uber, and try to win DM vs people with more health and numbers, you bleed players out and lose points/take longer to recover than you should. Don’t do this.

*By the way, a good technique for doing suicidal plays is to show your combo, then bust out the jumps from your other players. If they never see your combo, they can say “oh, it’s a suicide, we can just back up and frag these guys then push in”. Just showing the combo and throwing spam puts way more pressure on — even if they clairvoyently recognize that you’re really trying to suicide, you can just slam your combo into them if they try to run the med, so you force them to take it.

You will lose the round if you sit on your last point. You should always consider being on last as a “well, we’re screwed” situation and be trying to get out of there, not sitting and hoping for a wipe. Push out with everyone and rely on covering doors to block backcaps. Sure, you’ll get messed up by spies from time to time if you’re too slow capping 2, scouts will slip by and get it, whatever. Keeping your demo or combo locked on the last point and hoping you can deny endless pushes is a more likely path to defeat than risking a backcap is.

Part 2

Know your advantages

  • Check Scoreboard very often.
  • To know when you have an advantage, look for:
  • Man Advantage (Whoever has more players up)
  • Uber Advantage (whoever has uber or not)
  • When healing hurt players it takes about 40 seconds to charge a uber. When you have it and they don’t…push right into them. If they have it and you do not, stay more passive and play defensively.

    I found these videos to be very helpful, you should have these numbers memorized as a medic,

I even suggest showing them to your team, so they know. So with this knowledge expect an uber approximately 40 seconds after a medic spawns or pops. (A sticky note on the edge of my monitor helped me memorize during scrims)

  • Health Advantage – If a players tells your team that he did a lot of damage on the enemy (demoman most likely says this), then go right into them if your team has the players and health.
  • Spawn Advantage – This means if a team doesn’t get foward respawn after they cap middle for example, but you pushback and capture. Then the second point should be safe to walk in and start capping.
  • Your heal order at the beginning of a round is VERY important. You and your team must work together to be fully buffed and ready for the middle fight. Your heal order should be: At beginning of round, BUFF demo Demo takes his jump to door Continue buffing him. While this is going on, your roaming soldier should take two jumps to the door and get around 40-60health. Then equalize to mid. After the freeze time is over, (the time when no one can move in spawn before the round starts). Buff your pocket soldier, he will have crit heals, which means just tapping him with the heal beam will benefit him a lot. It will make his first several jumps a lot more effective and easier on you so you wont have to heal him from low hp. Your pocket soldier SHOULD NOT JUMP in spawn. He should wait for your heal at the beginning before making a jump. While you are walking out of the door of spawn then you can grab your scouts as they are running. It’s really helpful for a scout to get the buff, though maybe an amount of it will wear off before the fight, it will allow them to take some shots before they dive into the enemy to get kills. Always grab both scouts. Your pocket should be jumping with you the entire way to middle,(he should not be too far ahead or behind) right before you reach the middle point, your roamer should then be taking off the equalizer and buffed to 300 to do damage.

    so, Demo>Pocket Soldier>Scouts>Roamer

At Middle:

I do not like how you and your team fell behind your train on Badlands middle. If you do the rollout I explained, you should be able to have a buffed team. I recommend getting your team on the point and you can position yourself either on the point, or on top of the train, but always with your team keeping them healthy.

Being behind that train is just asking the enemy team to spam you out because that area is very small. Spread more heals to everyone on the team. Your scouts should be coming by and getting buffs often. Your pocket does not have to be at 300 at all times, but he should always have an eye on your back and your safety, no matter what he does. Keep the demo healed most of the team, a healthy demo with 8 stickies reloaded is deadly.

Medic is all about decision making. I was impressed by your instinct to go in for needles or ubersaws. And how you avoided confrontation and got out of some situations. So great job and keep that up. When a scout is on you and you have your pocket, I saw you went inside his player model to dodge a shot, That’s a great decision, not many people know that. Hopefully that was intentional. I really didn’t get to see much of your pushes, since you were on the defense a lot, but we can talk about that later.

On last, when the enemy comes in with uber and takes out your pocket that was charging your uber for you. Just try to fall back in spawn and rotate around to the left side. Don’t stand there and hope they will forget about you.


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