I woke up and I had a panic moment about going and about ticket prices and how I really don’t want to go camping at all. Camping blows.

Basically, I think we’re (KK:DD & the jolly rancher community) going to to get a clan box so we can chill, pew pew and be awesome. Honestly, I don’t know how overly excited about that I am yet because I’m more interested in where I’m going to sleep. I’ll camp if there is no-one willing to share a hotel room/space with me. But I really really don’t want to do that. Have I mentioned that camping sucks? 

Okay I lie I am excited about what’s going to happen when I get there besides the sleeping. Finally a TF2 Highlander LAN! Highlander is often treated like the Special Olympics of the TF2 community because it is still babby format and takes significantly more organising than 6v6 to co-ordinate what with all the extra people.

It’ll all sort itself out, just have to buy the ticket. I think I’ll do that later today.


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