Portal 2 and Emotions.

Thanks to the new DLC the Perpetual Testing Initiative everyone on my Steam friends list has been bugging me to play their test chambers and I’ve been saying no. Not because I don’t think it would be fun. I’ve only played through them once, then I uninstalled them.. because memories.

Video Games can be an incredibly personal pastime, and often the emotions, situations and people around you can influence your enjoyment of it. When you play a game with someone and you associate those emotions with it, it can be hard to shake off those memories. So I took the chicken route, I shelved the game and shelved my feelings. It was fine because once the initial hype died down there wasn’t much talk of the game. Then the DLC was released and all of a sudden people are excited about it again. The more people asked me to play, the more explaining that I didn’t play Portal because well, “I used to play it with someone, now that person is gone.. no not dead, we’re just not friends anymore.. so..” became silly to say. I enjoyed the games! I enjoyed the storyline (yes, there is one) and to stop doing something I enjoy because someone who no longer matters was once part of the reason I enjoyed it seems insane.

Lets leave all the insanity to GLaDOS shall we?

As if the gaming gods knew how to bring me back into the Portal fold,

I saw this poster on my tumblr feed and I got really excited that there might be an official Portal 2 movie. So I watched the trailer and while it isn’t an official Valve project it is spectacular

It’s based on an awesome comic called Lab Rat that is official canon. If you love the series you really should have already read it.

The rules of the internet meant I would click links till there were no more links to click and it got me thinking if fan made stuff could be as awesome as this then what else is out there?

This clip is really touching and I would love for more canon to be released so the creator can have more to work with. I’d watch the crap out of this if it was a feature film. Without ruining anything, the ending is a perfect – wait, nope. No spoilers! Just watch it!

I feel a little bad for the creator of this because it became a little implausible once Portal 2 was released. But then again, Valve is magic and we have no idea what they’re going to do next, so who knows? But it’s funny as all get out so I love it.

There are a ton of really good fan made videos, images and stories and Valve worked really hard to make this series interesting, challenging and fun. More importantly, I enjoyed the final product, I enjoyed it a lot. Why cease that enjoyment because of a few painful memories?

Let’s get testing, shall we?


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