Questions I received in my ask box.

What made you decide that you want to do a blog?

I’m a Marketing and Advertising graduate and when I went to interviews one of the first things they’ve asked is, “Do you have any examples of your writing? Do you have a blog?” and I’d always have to answer no because the only ‘blog’ I had was me mostly reposting dumb pictures and moaning about my day every three months. The concept of serious blogging isn’t alien to me, I’ve always had a diary, writing has always been a good way for me to sort out my thoughts, but they’ve always been private. I did have a blog for my year abroad, but that was primarily for my mother to see that I was alive and okay. But yes, I have a blog on various topics and I do it so I have an answer to that question. It’s a lot of commitment, takes time and effort, but it is fun!

Also in all yours years playing games which is your favourite (no tf2 allowed)?

I’m not sure I can pick a favourite game at all to be honest. I grew up on the Fighting Game genre. I think the console games I put the most hours into growing up were Tekken 3, Dead or Alive 2 and Street Fighter Alpha Ex. But before that I would play the crap out of Tetris and the Mario clone Dr. Mario on my gifted Gameboy Color. Snoopy Tennis was also played a bunch. 

My parents didn’t really believe in videogames primarily for fun, but they bought me a LOT of educational videogames like French with Rayman and Gizmos and Gadgets. I might not have had the most mainstream gaming childhood, but if it was digital and somehow a game, I’d play it. 

What influences you in the gaming community? Do you look up to anyone?

Before I started heavily getting into the TF2 community I never really thought of myself as anything more than someone who plays games. But the more I play, the more things I help organise, the more I contribute my thoughts on topics, the more I feel that I am part of a larger ‘thing’. It’s exciting. 

After watching Hat’s VanillaTV’s Insight I’ve looked up to him as a medic I would love to be like. Female role model list is small but growing. Women who manage to keep a grasp of their feminitiy and still manage to hold their own in a gaming environment. It’s hard, but there are a few that do it well. Anna Prosser and Scarlett are right at the top. You know what? Mad props to Miranda from the Crossassult fiasco for just dealing with the whole thing like a boss. 

And finally why do you think PC gamers continue to stay alive under pressure from console gamers and government schemes?

I have always been a PC gamer. Always. And the great thing about PC gaming is that if you have a computer, you can instantly become a PC gamer. You don’t really need any additional set up beyond keyboard and mouse. Like I said, my parents weren’t keen on gaming as a thing, but I had a computer and access to the internet, so I played online games. 

That’s the important thing to remember, the majority of gamers at one point or another will have played video games on their computer, be it a flash game, minesweeper, some dumb facebook game or some super cereal game. Everyone at some point will have played a game on their computer. Because of this I don’t think PC gaming will die any time soon due to sheer numbers. To discount it and focus on only consoles would be madness on the part of the publishers, they’d be missing out on a market that they can profit from and we know they love that profit. 

It’s no secret that the gaming companies would prefer you to buy their proprietary devices to play their exclusive games. Nintendo has Mario, Pokemon and Zelda titlles. Halo and Gears of War are Microsoft exclusives and Playstation has the Uncharted series amongst others. But are those titles enough to abandon one gaming portal for another? Hardly. Most gamers mix and match. 

To me when people say PC gaming is dumb I think of all the amazing LANs that get organised, the amount of effort the various gaming communities put into creating a fun atmosphere. How can that be dumb? When PC e-sports have massive sponsors behind them, and you see top players in games like the PC game StarCraft be treated like celebrities, I shake my head in disbelief when people say the medium is dead.

PC gaming won’t die, because the community is fighting for it.

PC gaming won’t die because at some point, everyone was a PC gamer. 

Because there was so much text, look, cute kitty!


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