Dota 2 RRR!

I know nothing about Dota and before this tournament I didn’t really give a damn about the game.. because well TF2 AND my only experience with a MOBA left me snivelling in a corner crying of shame and embarrassment.


A lot of people in my clan love it, they love it so much that they decided to host a RRR tournament for it, and honestly they’ve done really well! Like I said I knew nothing and didn’t want to participate, but it looked really really good. I started to want to know what, “lanes”, and “jungle” mean. 

Maybe I’ll give it a go? I think I’ll start by reading up on it then see if it is something I want to invest my time into, because I have no beta key and I don’t think I’m going to buy the game. 

But the point of this is that organisers did really well, getting eXtvDOTA involved and getting widespread coverage of their tournament. Not sure when the next one is but they do have a Steam Group where I’m sure all the information is going to be posted. If all else fails, message the admins I guess?

Go jollyranchers go!


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