This. Game. Is. So. Much. Fun.

I don’t think I can overstate how much fun this game is. I’ll admit, I haven’t finished it yet. I had planned to do so tonight, but then pizza and so I got distracted, but I am very very near the end and I’m having a blast.

Developed by People can Fly and Epic Games in 2011, Bulletstorm is the second first person shooter that I’ve ever desperately wanted to play. It was released on the PS3, 360 and PC. I have the PC version (port, shh) and I first tried to play it with a 360 controller, this was a mistake, I quickly abandoned it for my lovely keyboard and mouse.

The game’s plot is thin and I’ll admit it isn’t the most unique, but it sets up the action sequences well enough. Okay yes, it is rife with the dreaded quicktime events but I can forgive them, I can forgive them because the game is so much fun. Oh… did I mention that already?

This is a game that doesn’t take itself very seriously. How do I know? The biggest clue is the insanely vulgar dialogue. Some of the phrases are so ludicrous and insane it beggars belief. Ever been in a situation where someone is so angry they can barely put together a coherent sentence and they keep swearing and saying the most nonsensical things? The dialogue can be exactly like that. I hear it has apparently put some people off the game, but I have been told that there is an option to turn it off, so that shouldn’t even be an issue here. Sillies. 

Plot time! Yada yada corrupt government official! Yada yada bad decisions, yada yada promises, betrayal, gotta get home. Plot is thin, like reaally thin, it is enough to just support the insane things you’ll get up to, but you won’t get invested in it and that’s okay.

That’s okay because skillshots.

The hands down most fun thing about the game is that it rewards you for killing enemies in the most creative way possible. The more creative you are the more points you get. You get points for using the environment to assist you in your killing and I believe multiplayer has some more that you can do with a friend. 

This isn’t the whole list and to be honest these are the easiest to do, the skillshots are really varied depending on weapon and landscape. And and anndddd they can be stacked! Horrah! 

The skillpoints that you collect are spent at Drop Kit centres dotted around the map to get all kinds of ammunition, unlock features of weapons and to switch out primary weapons. It also provides gameplay stats and a skillshot checklist. I’d recommend against spending them on basic ammunition unless the need arises because you can pick up ammo from the enemies you kill. 

OH! To access these centres you have to use the leash.

The leash is an energy type whip weapon that you find at the start of the game, it gives you the ability to pull objects towards you and honestly in the broken landscape you’re in comes in handy when you’re trying to cross things. It also has a secondary unlockable attack called Thumper that uses a ball of energy to engage an area of effect attack that throws weapons and enemies into the air and keeps them in stasis for 10 seconds. 

I can see why there is a lot for people to get mad about, the game isn’t very long, the plot is pretty weak and it has a few features that the gaming community considers cheap (regenerating health, quicktime events) but for every bad point put against it, the game really does make up for it in general silly fun.

The dialogue is goofy, the gameplay is easy to pick and fun. Playing it as much of it as I did today was an absolute joy, not because the story is particularly amazing but because it really is one of those games that you can switch your brain off and pew pew massively. It really saddens me that it didn’t do well enough for there to be a sequel. I wonder what the ending is going to be like, I expect it to be goofy, I expect to laugh but ultimately I know I’m going to have fun.


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