UGC | Euro combined Silver Semi Finals?! .. whaaa-?

Get yourself together woman!

This is us, guaranteed a fourth place in EU Silver of UGC! I’m so freaking excited because our last game was so good!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been really unshaky as a team. Our leader rage quit, we’ve had a lot of drama with the Reddit Round Robin, and well for a while I wasn’t really having fun with TF2. It felt a bit like a chore, not a fun game with friends like before. I considered going back to pub play and abandoning comp alltogether. 

As you can see we had a lot of default wins, which meant we didn’t get to play as much, which sucked. But honestly, this last game was amazing not because it was a steamroll, but because it was a close game. We were evenly matched, the game was close and we really came together as a team. Everyone involved had fun, and I think by the end our adrenaline was running so high we could have played again. 

gl0ryus & Sala were amazing as subs. We were panicky that we’d have to default lose, but they really stepped up and were amazing to play with. My only regret is that we don’t have Sala on our team to get a medal for his awesome mercing. 

You were amazing Sala, don’t be modest! Why aren’t you on our freaking roster you silly?! 

So for Monday, I’m excited. BRING IT ON -saf- !


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