UGC | Euro West Quarter Finals.. whaaa-?

So we’ve made it into the Quarter Finals and yeah, I’m as shocked as you are! Lots of default wins to the top baby! But also a lot of hard work by the members of the Jolly Ranchers. It’s been a fun ride, one that I’m looking forward to continuing with koth_ashville_rc1 !

Played a lobby today and I was in my usual passive self, this is bad. I really need to work on my aggression. I lack it and while my, “RUN AWAY” tactic can be useful, overall what it means is that I end up healing lower priority targets and the big damage classes on my team miss out, especially if the other medic is on the ball. The heavy yelled a lot in the lobby, but he offered a lot of constructive criticism which I found helpful. Initially I felt put out but then I realised that, well I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, it might be best to listen to someone who does. I thanked him for his comments, applied them and dramatically improved. I feel like a lot of the problem JR has is that we hold on to the uber for way too long, and part of it my fault for playing such a passive medic.  

I need to put my panic mode aside and just trust that my pocket will protect me.  If they don’t switch pocket to someone competent. If it all goes to crap then Quick-Fix battle medic it is. It’s a scary feeling out there playing medic. You’re squishy as all get out and everyone expects to be constantly buffed at all times.


I’ll get the hang of it soon enough, I feel like I’m improving again. I think I’ll lobby more, outside of the team. Play with some higher skilled people who’ll yell at me and force me to do better. Growth is exciting.


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