REDDIT ROUND ROBIN #4! | Sign ups now OPEN!!!

Well it’s that time again where we all put on our TF2 hats (ha! I kid, we never take them off) and get ready to pew pew against other Redditors. It should be exciting and like previous tournaments a lot of fun. RRR#3 saw VanillaTF2 spend the day with the EU players and casted a few games, you can see how that went here.

  • So what’s going on? A Reddit tournament, where we pew pew for the title, ‘Best Reddit Team’, for funzies.

  • Do we have to be a Reddit Team to participate? Nope, Reddit is an all-inclusive community (amirite?).

  • When is it? April 15th (timezones are on the flyer)

  • Where can I sign up? Right here.

  • The deadline? You have until the 3rd April to register your interest.

  • Okay so, is this Highlander or Sixers? Highlander!

  • Uhh, do I have to be in a team? For this tournament individual sign-ups are available for only the EU. We’re aiming to make up four teams of twelve players (9 players, 4 reserves) and details of how to register for that will be posted in the Steam Group in the coming week, so keep your eye out for that.

  • Whoo! I registered, so I’m in right? Not exactly. We only have a limited number of slots for teams and if we exceed that then we’ll create a waiting list. Teams will know by April 5th if they’re participating in the tournament.

  • Is there a subreddit for this where I can derp and trash talk in? You bet your ass there is. There is also aSteam Group.

  • Wait, who is hosting this? Why the Jolly Ranchers are!

All other information about the tournament including rules will be posted on r/redditroundrobin however, links get buried all the time so the best place to get information on what is going on with the tournament is through the Steam Group.


Remember folks! This event is accessible to both North American and European players! 




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