ANAMANAPANDA: How to Set Up Mumble


Here is my tutorial on how to get Mumble ready for use. I normally don’t do this, but I’ll try to make it herp-derp friendly, hehehehehe. Mac and Linux versions may be a little bit different, but I hope this guide helps.

inb4 tl;dr – Download, install, run audio wizard, and connect to…

Whenever |jollyranchers recruit, the first step is posting the mumble information and seeing if they can follow through. Getting into mumble is always the first step. Yesterday out of my insane awakeness I tried to play in my NA team’s practice lobby, they took so long to get organised I just went to bed instead. Haha, bed?  I mean refreshing all the places where we’d posted RRR#4 information.

A n y w a y, they had players who were legit struggling to get into mumble. It was a little painful hearing their complaints etc. This would have made life so much easier and I could have played some NA pew pew :(

Well, there is next time!

ANAMANAPANDA: How to Set Up Mumble


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