TF2 Mix-Up #4 needs you!

It’s that time again, where Highlander mode goes super hard and us community players get to rub shoulders with celebrities in an all out winner takes all battle to the death game of TF2. Okay maybe I’m being too dramatic, but whatever dawg TF2 is srs buznies.

This installment should be awesome, I can’t wait! Hmm, the delicious Highlander.

Mix Up 3 had Total Biscuit, Freddie Wong, Notch and Lewis & Simon from Yogscast, video here. It was great fun to watch and imagine even more to participate in. 

Child’s Play is such an awesome charity who’s goal is to improve the lives of children through gaming and I don’t think there’s anyone who games that hasn’t had their lives hasn’t been positively affected through gaming. And for a chance to play with Notch, Captainsparklez, Freddie Wong, Veronica Belmont, employees from Valve and Bethseda I’d say donating is pretty win win for everyone.

tl;dr: to participate donate here to awesome charity, be in a chance to play with awesome peoples.


Bearonica is playing guys, Bearonica.


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